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At 17-years-old I graduated from Old Forge High School, working as a cook at the now defunct Arena Billiards in Moosic. I can recall sitting on stage, daydreaming during graduation, about The Whos Tommy pinball machine, waiting patiently for me at work. 
Now, several years, and one early mid-life crisis later, I own that same pinball machine, and my favorite of all  rock operas literally rocked the house at my dear alma mater.
Funny how life works out, isnt it, dear reader?
Kudos to the districts board of directors for thinking outside the box and bringing in the likes of veteran stage wrangler Paige Balitski to bring the program to the standard it deserves to be, and kudos to investing in the arts during a time when many districts are cutting and cutting and cutting as operating costs are rising and rising and rising. Thanks for putting kids first.
And speaking of the kids ... Kudos to the entire cast and crew! 
From Earl Talerico (the eldest Tommy) to each and every member of the chorus, you made history and should be proud!
As I stood watching the opening night performance, my mind drifted back to my time on stage. I must admit, I was a bit envious, to be part of a rock opera  too cool.