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They seemed to hang on her every word, their tiny young eyes watching with intensity as Cindy Reynolds helped bring legendary Amelia Bedelia to life.

Triboro-area children giggled and belly-laughed, offered answers and aid, each hoping to help the seemingly "helpless" maid during her stop at the Taylor Community Library on Thursday, March 21.

With scores of her books in tow, Bedelia took the children and their adult companions on a magical journey, bringing the writing of children's author Peggy Parish to life.

"Mrs. Rogers wanted me to change the towels," Bedelia said to the crowd, holding up a set of bathing towels.

Some of the children's faces showed concern, while a few cautious laughs slipped out.

Bedelia looked at the towels, marred by zigs and zags and scribble marks forever etched in permanent marker.

Proudly, she held up her handy work, "What do you think," she questioned? "Do you think she'll approve?"

While her household handiwork might not always be thumbs up; children, especially those in the Triboro, enjoyed their time with Bedelia while it lasted and look forward to future programs at the library.