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A crowd of more than 60 people gathered in the Taylor Memorial Cemetery on Sunday, Oct. 7 for an afternoon of education and historical fun.

Wearing vintage costumes, members of the Taylor Historical Society moved about the cemetery, beginning with Taylor's ties to the Revolutionary War leading up to the first World War.

"I've never seen the church so full," said Christine Shaffer. "It was an absolute thrill, a complete success. People were really interested in the history of the church. We also did a fashion show of the period clothing we were wearing."

Originally, Taylor Borough was named "The Union," later renamed to honor Moses Taylor as "Taylorville."

According to the borough's website, its name changed again in the early 1900s t, due in part to a requirement from the United States Postal Service, to Taylor.

"We stay historical," she added. "October is a good month to do a cemetery tour. We just stood there looking out, thrilled, thinking where are all these people came from. It couldn't have gone any better."

"Most people don't realize there are 19 veterans of the Civil War buried in that cemetery," Shaffer added. "What an amazing link to our nation's history."

Monthly, members of the historical society gather at the Taylor Community Library. There is no fee to join.

For more information call 562-1225 or 346-6179.

There are already plans to expand and repeat the tour next year.

According to Shaffer, the success of last weekend's tour was also possible because of Shawn Murphy.

"I have officially renamed him as the borough's historian," Shaffer said. "When ever we were stumped, he had, or researched the answer."

"It'll be the same type of historical tour, but this time we will be including some of the more prominent names associated with the borough," she added.